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As a resident and voter in Washington Parish, I wish to go on record in opposition to Senate Bill 639 sponsored by Sen. Ben Nevers that will create to Washington Parish Economic Development District.

Senate bill 639 creates yet another Political Subdivision much like the Washington Parish Reservoir District with a board of appointed Commissioners that are not accountable to the people of Washington Parish, but shall wield enormous powers of Expropriation of Private property. This power is in the name of Economic Development.

Every property owner in Washington Parish has cause to be very concerned about this bill. This Legislation was not put to a vote by the voters in Washington Parish. It is yet another stealth bill designed to circumvent the voting process.

If this Economic Development District is so good for the people and Land Owners of Washington Parish why not let us decide for ourselves by giving us a chance to vote on the bill. The landowners in the unincorporated areas of Washington parish will have no representation on the proposed Economic Development District or the Commissioners if this bill is passed.

Over 200 years ago our forefathers fought the revolutionary war over taxation without representation. Now the landowners of Washington Parish face expropriation without representation by a gang of 7 appointed Commissioners who may decide our say with their pockets if this bill is passed.

Please return the democratic process to Washington Parish and allow the votes or Washington Parish to have a say in our future. As voters we elected you to represent our interest.

We are not opposed to Economic Development; we simply believe it should remain in the private sector where buyers and sellers work out their own agreement.
Government should be in the business of governing and not in the business of Expropriation of private property for the Economic Development of others.

Mary Ettel

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Washington Parish people resist change, economic change that could breathe new life into what appears to be a stagnant economy.Washington parish needs more job opportunities of a higher pay status for its residents. As high as the property taxes are here, city/parish services should be abundant, yet they are almost non existent, why? There are no 24 hr manned firestations anywhere except the city of Bogalusa, fast as they are, volunteer units just cannot by their nature respond quick enough to structure fires. We nee full time paid firefighters throughout the parish. Even Franklinton, the parish seat has volunteer unpaid fire personnel. Garbage collection costs are exorbitant for once a week collections, come on, lower the bills substantially or increase the pickups to two a week. The rural water is a joke, its dirty and numerous breaks result in numerous poor pressure times which contribute greatly to dirt in the water. The water co has to do much more MAINTENANCE on the system, operate valves, flush lines, check and repair hydrants and install more hydrants so water does not have to be trucked in for fires. Take in some big business such as wal-mart here in Franklinton, the people would save money and keep that money in the local economy while creating additional taxes that could reduce the exorbitant property taxes in place now. And how about a 24 hour restaurant like Waffle House, that business could make serious money with all the trucks rolling through Franklinton at night, FPD would keep it perfectly safe along with the help of the Sheriff's office deputies. Some parish roads were blacktopped recently, we need more of the nost heavily traveled roads paved, everything improves with this plan, keep the money in your pocket not the politician, pay your employees enough to survive

12/06/2007 7:45 PM  

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